Russian language Summer school ONLINE

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Udmurt State University invites you to join summer school programme in the Russian language ONLINE!


This time we are offering two intensive programmes that focus on developing speaking skills. Both the programmes are aimed at the beginner’s level.

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Those who will choose the course “Travel to P. Tchaikovsky’s birthplace“ will have the opportunity to gain 2 ECTS credits, will have an interactive tour to Petr Tchaikovsky's birthplace, will master their speaking skills in chats with native speakers. Did you know that this world famous composer was born in Udmurt Republic? In 2020 we celebrated his 180th birthday!


The second programme “Russian language for Tourism and Hospitality Industry” is designed for those who work in the field or students whose future career is related to the tourism and hospitality sphere.

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For more details visit our webpage at


In case of any questions, please contact us at either this e-mail account or directly to the summer school team at, WhatsApp  +7 912 451 42 71.